Kulak featured at Tech@NYU Game Days. New play available to pre-order.


Komrade Studios is the game design company that created Kulak. The team consists of myself, David “Deckman” Coss, Seori Sachs, Graham Parkes, Chelsea So, Felicia Wong, and Andrew Chen.

And now we have a website: komradestudios.com

David Coss has been asked to give a speech about Kulak tomorrow (Friday) at NYU. If you’re interested in attending you can find information and RSVP here.

Oh, and there’s a new ten-minute play called Two Wizards Have A Conversation which will be available on Saturday. You can pre-order it right now though. And the next update will be a big one.

Two Wizards cover

Two Wizards Have A Conversation

Cover art by Tiahnan Trent.

Kulak, a dice game for peasants and profiteers


Hey everyone. We’re doing things a bit differently this fortnight.

Introducing Kulak.

a dice game for peasants and profiteers


Kulak is not a ten-minute play by any stretch of the imagination. It is however a dice game that you play with your buddies. It is a great game to play with a bunch of nice people, or a bunch of mean people. But when you mix those types together, things get a bit tricky.

Unfortunately, I do not have the resources to let you download dice and other materials, so this is only the rules and the cards, but if you like board games and you like to try new free things, this will be a perfect match!

As twitter user @JustASquid writes, “Screwing over your allies has never been this fun!”

IndieCade East 2014. Coffee Is Awful available


Kulak was shown at IndieCade East this year. Mo Mozuch listed it as one of “seven incredible titles to watch” from IndieCade′s Show And Tell. You can follow our game design company at @KomradeStudios and on Facebook. We’ll have a complete ruleset out soon so that you can play at home!

Indiecade East 2014

Indiecade East 2014

Coffee Is Awful is now available to download on Gumroad. Just click the image below!

Coffee Is AwfulCoffee Is Awful

Cover art by Tiahnan Trent.

Terrible Available. Erostorge Funded!


Terrible is now available to download on Gumroad. Just click the image below!


Cover art by Tiahnan Trent.

In other news, Erostorge was successfully funded on Kickstarter! Our goal was $1500, and we managed to raise $1975! With this extra funding, we’ll be able to afford festival submissions and additional equipment that will really help out the film! Thank you all so much for your support.

That’s all for now. On February 8th, I’ll have a sweet ten-minute play called Anniversary for you. Just in time for Valentine’s Day (entirely coincidental).

Erostorge and Reginald Fallen


There is just one week left to back Erostorge on KickstarterErostorge is a short film which I wrote, that Chris Bellant and Mattheau O’Brien are producing. Chris played Maycomb in Unhealthywhich used Mattheau’s photography talents for its publicity.

As I type this, we have raised $1700 which will let us make the movie! We’re hoping to raise $2000, which will allow us to cover festival submissions and additional equipment. Check out the project!

Also, my ten-minute play, Reginald Fallen, is now available for download on Gumroad! The cover art is by Tiahnan Trent. You can go ahead and download that for free right here:

Reginald Fallen Cover

Reginald Fallen

And I’ll have a new ten-minute play called Terrible ready for you all in two weeks!